Worship Ministry


The music and worship ministry at Great Lakes Church is a wonderful thing. The most rewarding part is to see people totally lost in worship and wonder, and the marvelous results that follow a high level of intimacy with the Lord. At Great Lakes, we encourage intimacy with God.

All kinds of beautiful things happen when we find ourselves in the presence of the Lord. Restoration in relationships, healing, miracles, and more! Whenever God does something it is exciting.


The worship team is to help people make a connection with God, so the truth of His love can change us. We want to be people who love and honor God through good times and bad. Worship goes past music into a lifestyle of acknowledging God as the author of life. The effect of this truth is a charged atmosphere in our personal lives as well as in the city and beyond. – Bonnie Jordan, Worship Pastor

“…that tiny fragment had filled me with strength and wisdom and power beyond my imagining. I had been touched by the Song, and though it was but the slightest touch possible, I knew myself changed; deeply and profoundly changed.” – The Paradise War; Stephen Lawhead


The music ministry team is a place for musicians and singers who share a passion for worship to gather to “practice” being led by the Holy Spirit and to hone their skills. We embrace anyone who has a gift to share by providing opportunities to worship with the team and to learn new songs and skills.

Membership on the team involves a solid commitment to the church, worship team, church membership, and a confirmation of a person’s call to our team in specific. Guests may participate from time to time, but regular team members are confirmed by the worship leader, the worship team, and church leadership.

At Great Lakes Church our style is contemporary and casual.  We embrace all styles of music appropriate for congregational worship.  It must engage our hearts, engage the Lord, and engage the congregation.

We are spontaneous and somewhat unpredictable, because the Lord is always challenging us to follow Him more closely and we press in to follow His leading.

For information on how you can become involved in the Worship Music Ministry at Great Lakes Church, contact Bonnie Jordan.


The Bible says, “In His presence there is fullness of joy, and life evermore”. Jesus said that He came that we might have life, and enjoy its abundance and fullness. That is what we truly want, as a church. To seek the Lord with all our hearts, and to find Him and abide with Him. Because in that place of “abiding” and “dwelling” in Christ as a church, we are able to “hear” the voice of the Lord. But we do not stop there.

Why? Because the intimacy found in Christ is transformational. It moves us into action, beyond the borders of what we can GET out of God to what we can do to GIVE to the world and the Church. This great love we find in Him is to be given away, not captured. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are meant to make the church vibrant with life. Life that is so wonderfully intoxicating, anyone who is touched by it is transformed.