Prayer Walk America

Prayer Walk America: An Appeal To Heaven

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Forty-two years in the making.  

That is how John Halvorsen sees his 2018-2019 ‘Prayer Walk’ across America. 

“Everything I’ve done so far will contribute to this walk from Los Angeles to New York City,” he says. 

The “everything” includes not only extensive prayer walking but ongoing pastoral ministry and frequent missionary ventures to other nations. Right now, John sees America in desperate need of a third ‘Great Awakening’ and he is preparing to take this message across the nation, calling the Church to fervent prayer for our land.

John was ‘Born Again’ in 1975 on a five-month canoe trip from Minnesota to the Arctic and then began his life of ministry working in Christian drug rehabilitation. In fact, in 1980 he took a group of ex-addicts down the Mississippi River in a Voyageur canoe, breaking a world record. That exploit landed him on the 700 Club and made news across the nation. 

He entered into the pastoral ministry in 1983, and then in 1988 began travelling to the nations as a ‘prophetic voice’.

From 1991-1996, John and his wife Sandy served as missionaries to Ireland where they planted a church in Killarney, County Kerry. After that, feeling a strong calling to the USA, they returned and provided crisis management to several churches in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

In 1998 and 1999, John was led of the Lord to ‘prayer walk’ across America. Sensing that ‘tumultuous times’ were coming to our nation, he walked north to south, from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico and then west to east, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans, calling the Nation to repentance and calling the Church to prayer. 

That was shortly before 9/11.

Until recently, John has served as lead pastor at Great Lakes Church in Duluth, Minnesota. His tenure started in 2003 and lasted well into 2018. In addition, during that time, John sensed the Lord calling him to prayer walk 6000 miles through Eurasia, from Portugal to the Chinese border in Kazakhstan, praying that

the presence of God would cover the world and ancient doors of hostility would open to the Lord.  

In 2015, John heard the Lord directing him to take the ‘Appeal to Heaven’ flag to both the North and South poles, and make prophetic declaration that the Gospel has now reached the ‘Ends of the earth’ and that the Lord wants His world back.

Therefore, in June of 2016 he joined an expedition to the North Pole that left Murmansk, Russia on a Russian nuclear powered icebreaker, “50 Years of Victory”. They arrived at the pole 7 days later and the proclamation was made.

Then in December of 2017, he joined an expedition leaving Punta Arenas, Chile for Antarctica and the South Pole. There at nearly 11,000 feet elevation in the middle of that frozen continent, the prophetic proclamation was made.

What was amazing about these trips was that they each cost a small fortune and yet all of the needed funds came in without any appeals for money, just a fervent ‘Appeal to Heaven’.

Over the years, John has worn many hats. Moreover, he has served God with absolute abandon. Looking back, he marvels at the remarkable ways in which God has led him and provided. “Multiple books could be written simply on God’s faithfulness to us”, he says.

John and Sandy have four wonderful children, ten marvelous grandchildren and John continues to serve on the Great Lakes Church leadership team in Duluth, Minnesota.  

Thanks so much for your prayers for this venture and you can contact John through E-mail at [email protected], or visit their website at